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the best dance training in Northwest indiana

SSDA offers a full program of ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, and urban dance/hip hop taught by the best dance faculty in the Region. Classes at South Shore Dance Alliance provide dancers, ages 8 and up, with a solid foundation of dance technique and training. Our program is based in the development of a solid ballet and modern technique to serve as an anchor for training in many other dance genres. 

SSDA is not your typical dance studio where the focus is often on pretty (and expensive!) costumes and recitals. For SSDA students (ages 8 and up) who take part in our pre-professional company, there are numerous company performance opportunities throughout the year, and all SSDA students can participate in school performance events. SSDA classes offer you the best training available from the region’s top instructors and choreographers.

SSDA offers a range of classes for ages 8 and up.  Photos: Ken Karlstedt

SSDA studios are located in downtown Griffith at the Franklin Center (the former Franklin Elementary School), 201 N. Griffith Blvd., Griffith, Indiana 46319.

SSDA Studio Hours:  Monday – Thursday, 5:15–8:00 pm, Saturday 9:30 am–2:00 pm; Office phone: 219.513.9368  Email:


Registration for classes is open and ongoing during regular studio hours. Please stop by, call 219-513-9368, or email us with any questions.

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Ballet (Vaganova Technique) 

Vaganova Technique was formulated and developed into a workable syllabus by Agrippina Vaganova in the late 1920's when she headed the ballet ensemble of the Academic Theatre of Opera (Kirov Ballet). Today Vaganova Technique is the system of training of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre as well. This technique is practiced around the world and provides the highest standard of classical ballet training. Vaganova took the best of the Imperial style-romantic plasticity aligned with Italian bravura-then blended it with a more athletic movement to form the Vaganova System.This method trains the body as an harmonious whole that demands emotional expressiveness, strictness of form and a resolute,energetic manner of performance. This is the essence of Soviet Ballet-passion coupled with knowledge. The Vaganova program is an eight year program that follows a step by step methodology. This required attention to classical technique,detail and precision provides the foundation for all forms of dance and is therefore a vital,integral component for progression to the level of an accomplished professional dancer.



Contemporary is an abstract dance style that incorporates the technical aspects of modern and ballet while leaving room for more choreographic freedom and creativity.The contemporary class will explore movement creation and improvisation that will encourage a better sense of body awareness and artistry. Students will be challenged to learn and create new movement that is outside of the box, yet allowed to facilitate their technique in a functional way.




Modern (Lester Horton Technique)

Developed by Lester Horton in the 1930’s and 40’s as a major codified modern dance technique reputed to fortify, stretch, and strengthen the human body. The basic warm-up uses flat backs, primitive squats, descent and ascent, lateral stretches, release swings and deep lunges. The shapes that will be used throughout the training in Horton technique are emphasized. 



Tap emerged from a fusion of African and Irish cultural dances here in America during the 1800s. This fusion created a rhythmic dance that reflects America as a multicultural nation. Tap classes teach the common tap vocabulary and steps as well as improvisation, which is how tap dance was first created and passed down. Classes also focus on musicality, clarity, and speed. 

Beginning: Little or no prior dance training starts with the basic terminology and movement. 

Intermediate: one or more years of dance training, should have a good understanding of basic terminology and movement. 

Advanced: Dancers at this level should be moving towards the professional level if they are not there already dancing professionally, and should be comfortable with all levels of terminology and movement. 

Single Class Fees: 

1.5-hour classes: $15   1-hour classes: $10 

Multiple class discounts

Company member discounts

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Registration for classes is open and ongoing during regular studio hours. Please stop by the studio, call 219.513.9368, or email us with any questions. Download the Complete Registration Packet


Watch this space—a new video about SSDA from Lakeshore Public Media/Eye on the Arts. It features SSDA founding company member and assistant school director, Briana Robinson....and offers some insight into the SSDA teaching philosophy, and demonstrates the talent and determination of current SSDA students and company members.

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