STUDIO LOCATION: Dean and Barbara White Community Center • 6600 Broadway • Merrillville, IN

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Heart. Soul. Dance.
It's what we do.

If you're looking for professional quality dance classes in ballet, contemporary, modern and more—partnered with outstanding performance opportunities—look no further than South Shore Dance.

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South Shore Dance Alliance
Our Mission, Vision, Values

South Shore Dance Alliance (SSDA) exists to provide young dancers—regardless of economic status, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation—the opportunity to develop and grow as artists and individuals through pre-professional training, educational outreach, and performance.


Inspiring, empowering, and mentoring young dancers, SSDA will be recognized for high quality dance education and dance performance. Our pre-professional dance company will continually support the artistic, creative, and human development of our youth.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion. At every level of the organization we embrace diversity and promote inclusion. We celebrate diversity and work inclusively.
Artistic Excellence. We value creativity and artistic expression through dance. We advocate for quality and excellence in our students, faculty, and in dance.
Transformational Power of Dance. We promote enjoyment and fulfillment in the arts and the use of art to bridge differences. We celebrate humanity and celebrate the ability of dance to transform lives and communities.
Development and Growth. We support excellence in all aspects of human development including creative, intellectual, social, and physical development. We support and promote the concept of lifelong learning.
Collaboration. We are committed to creating an engaging, welcoming environment that inspires artistry, facilitates teaching, and encourages learning. We see ourselves as partners with the community.
Integrity. We value respect. We are committed to openness and trust in our professional relationships. We act with integrity and professionalism.

About SSDA

This organization is committed to exposing deserving young people to ‘real deal’ dance. I take my hat off to the creative genius behind it and the young people and their loved ones who support it.

  • bri_shoes_square
    Valda S.

I want everyone to know these dancers have something that is very special and that dance is something very serious to them. I want to take [SSDA] to the next level.

  • 19AILEY-superJumbo
    Renaldo Maurice

[Dancing at] SSDA
taught me responsibility, discipline, and work ethic.
SSDA has grown
and strengthened me
emotionally and physically.

  • South-Shore-Dance-70
    Daria B.


South Shore Dance Alliance is a not-for-profit entity dedicated to enhancing the educational and artistic experience of aspiring young dancers in the Northwest Indiana area. It was also founded on the premise that no aspiring dancer shall be denied access to training due to lack of financial resources.

We need your help to insure that the next generation of dedicated dancers can receive the quality training and performance opportunities they deserve.